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Champ 4 base toggle press to apply our self fastening hinges & hangers

Champ 4 base toggle press to apply our self fastening hinges & hangers

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Craft Inc., in a continuing effort to improve it's production and manufacturing the world's finest hardware and machinery, is proud to introduce the all new Champ 4 Toggle Press.


This machine was developed to install a wide variety of Craft's popular self-fastening hardware, easier and faster than ever before.

The Champ 4 toggle press is very user friendly, yet still allows the installation of numerous kinds of hardware depending upon the optional accessories being used.

Self-fastening hangers are quickly installed with the help of the left and right centering guides; easel hinges have a convenient Easel/Back Alignment Guide; self-fastening turnbuttons utilize a simple turnbutton head and disk to ensure proper placement.

In addition, we've redesigned out packaging to be environmentally safe.

Craft's Champ Machines are the most popular in our ever-growing extensive line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every frame manufacturer in all levels of hardware application.

Please call us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

For our easel hinges please order Champ 4 EH, for our self fastening hangers please order Champ 4 PH

Prices include VAT for export orders please contac us.

The images on display show the Champ III setup to apply hinges and hangers, both guides fitted.


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