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Easel back strut hinge 6239-00 38x24mm

Easel back strut hinge 6239-00 38x24mm

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Easel back strut hinge 6239-00 38x24mm

We have a great range of easel hinges available for volume production using automated assembly machines and for bespoke operators using manual machines, all our easel hinges are manufactured by Craft Inc the originators and still the best quality easel hinges available.

Craft Inc easel hinges are used for production of stand backs or strut backs in the picture framing industry and has been around for many years now.

Crafts easel hinges are often taken for granted as they are in common use everywhere. Easel hinges have a built in stop that only allows the easel hinges to open about 37 degrees, this prevents the leg or strut collapsing on the back of a picture frame. No need for additional retaining ribbon.

Easel hinges are often copied by foreign factories and considering how cheap they are one would ask why do they want to copy easel hinges, your guess is as good as ours. Generally they are inferior quality and do not run in automated machines, Craft Inc easel hinges are approved by retail groups and have undergone vigorous approval testing.

We have many sizes of easel hinges:





6230-00 slide hinge

Picture Perfect...That says it all about Craft Inc.’s line of patented Easel Hinges. Each of our hinges was painstakingly designed to ensure you’ll receive the highest quality, self-fastening hardware in the market-place today. In fact, our innovative, patented design has become the worldwide industry standard as an alternative to labour-intensive, rivet-type hinges. Our easel hinges are easily installed with our Champ III manual press, our hand fed pneumatic Easel Hinge Machine, and our Automatic Easel Hinge Machine.


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