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PH2954-25 Spring Lock Side by Side Method

PH2954-25 Spring Lock Side by Side Method

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As used by Trade Installers.

PH2954-25 spring lock side by side method bulk packed x 25 sets including release tool, enough for 25 frames.

SpringLOCK - Anti-Theft for Wood Frames, Locks onto almost any standard screw in the wall.

SpringLOCK, developed and made in the UK, has been proven in 1000's of installations in hotels, public buildings and restaurants around the world.
It works on any kind of wall material, including plasterboard.

SpringLOCK fits over almost any screw, 6, 8, or 10 in the wall. Leave 3mm clear under the heads. The Locks are pushed home with thumb pressure. They can only be removed with the special Release Tool.

A SpringLOCK is one Bridge and one Lock. They are supplied as kits in bags for single frames and in bulk packs.

There are two basic installation methods for SpringLOCK: Side-By-Side Method and Hang Plate Method.

Side-By-Side Method:

Two SpringLOCK Bridges are fitted to the frame, one on each side. Two screws are fitted into the wall, in corresponding positions.

The frame is offered up and the Bridges fitted over the screws in the wall. The Locks are pushed home with thumb pressure.

Great for hotels, clubs, bars and public areas. Also great for fixing Headboards to the wall, or anything else that needs to be held securely.

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