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PH5723 Braided Stainless Wire 0.9mm o/d (19kg) 168m SILVER

PH5723 Braided Stainless Wire 0.9mm o/d (19kg) 168m SILVER

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0.9mm braided stainless steel wire, adds a quality finish to your framing.

High quality wires, always use a wire with a tensile strength at least double that of the weight of the picture. Weights given are Maximum Picture Weights.

kg. figures are tested breaking strain, picture weight should be no more than half of that.

Stainless picture wires are of excellent quality and offer great value for money. The soft stainless steel wires are specially tempered to be easy to bend, wrap and tie.

PictureHangers Stainless - Soft Picture Wire

Braided stainless wire, with bright attractive finish. Easy to twist and wrap.

#5 is app. 0.9mm outside diameter, suggested max. picture weight: 19kg, 168m / 550'.


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