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PH5737-100Crimping Sleeves 2.13mm 100 pack

PH5737-100Crimping Sleeves 2.13mm 100 pack

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Plastic covered wire, with neat crimp sleeves, adds a quality finish to your framing, 100 pack.

Pass the wire through and back through the sleeve and crimp it tight. It will be more secure if you lay one wire at an angle over another.

kg. figures are tested breaking strain, picture weight should be no more than half of that.

Typical fits:
The inside diameter (i/d) of the sleeve should be approximately 2.5 times the outside diameter (o/d) of the wire. The nature of the manufacturing processes means that there can be size variations between batches.

100 pack

For example:
0.58mm o/d wire to fit a 1.57mm i/d sleeve
0.86mm o/d wire to fit a 2.13mm i/d sleeve, use with PH5712 wire
1.00mm o/d wire to fit a 2.46mm i/d sleeve
1.28mm o/d wire to fit a 3.20mm i/d sleeve, use with PH5714 wire

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