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PH7512 Self-Adhesive Hanging Plates 1 set

PH7512 Self-Adhesive Hanging Plates 1 set

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PH7512 Panel Hanging Plates 200mm x 100mm Self Adhesive Kit with wheels

A quick and economical way to hang prints on substrates including Chromaluxe, DiBond, Fomex, and acrylic. They allow the panel to hang on almost any hook, nail or screw. Used individually, panel hanging plates are ideal for smaller panels. They can also be used in pairs on larger panels.

Available in various sizes and pack quantities. 

Technical Information

Perfectly flat zinc-plated steel plates, with a horizontal hanging bridge 

Backed with a high-quality polyethylene foam pad coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive.

Recommended weights 7.2kg are based on the manufacturer's recommendations for a single plate. However, it is advised that you carry out your own tests.

Never thread cord or wire between two hanging plates as this can pull the plates away from the panel. 

Cleaning & Application

The panel must be cleaned and degreased using an Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes / Spray before the panel hanging plate is fixed in place. For best results allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure before hanging.  

Apply only to clean, dry, flat, dust-free and non-porous substrates. Not suitable for soft surfaces such as paper, mountboard, or similar. 

Bumpers can be placed at each bottom corner to help the panel hang flat on the wall. Use PH9733 Bumpers available separately

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