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SBM-1 Stretcher Bar Assembly Machine

SBM-1 Stretcher Bar Assembly Machine

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A fast and easy system to assembling slotted stretcher bars an effortless operation. For volume production – consistent results saving time, finished item is perfectly square.

Rapidly assemble stretcher bars sized between 200mm x 200mm up to 1000mm x 1000mm, the setup takes just a few minutes. Simply drop the bars into the guides, press the twin buttons and the frame is assembled in an instant. Lift the frame out and drop in the next set of stretcher bars to be joined.

Volume production - capable of assembling 200 frames per hour.

Consistent quality - every stretcher frame is perfectly square and neatly fitted, no need for the operator to square it later.

Reduces labour costs and operator fatigue.

Suitable for stretcher frames from 200mm x 200mm up to 1000mm x 1000mm.

Takes all flat back stretcher bars up to 60mm tall.

The air usage at three cycles per minute is 21 litres/minute at 80 PSI. 

Mains power not required only compressed air at 80PSI 5.5Bar.

Machine footprint is 1500mm x 1400mm, 1000mm tall, 75kgs.

Conforms to UKCA & CE regulations.

Designed and manufactured in UK.

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